Mediterranean and gravel garden planting style

Uses plants adapted to a typical Mediterranean climate of mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Given the right conditions, many of these plants are quite happy growing in the UK. Drought resistant plants often have grey, silver, aromatic or succulent leaves and vibrant coloured flowers. Most need a sunny site and reasonably well drained soil as they can't cope with soggy roots. Instead of thirsty lawns, Mediterranean-style gardens often use areas of gravel and other hard surfaces. Containers are also widely used, especially for less hardy plants which may need to be overwintered under cover. Good examples of gravel gardens can be seen at Beth Chatto's Garden near Colchester, and RHS Hyde Hall Gardens, near Chelmsford.

Gravel or Mediterranean planting style Gravel or Mediterranean planting style

Typical Mediterranean garden plants - Italian cypress, agave, grape vine, fig, verbascum, palms, artemisia, olive, oleander, lavender, cistus, bougainvillea, nerine, agapanthus, campsis. 

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